Another of our subsidiaries, Mender, has been producing outerwear since 1989, using cashmere, alpaca, shearling, cavalino, kangaroo, mink, rex and arjante amongst many others. As well as producing private label for many well-known global and Turkish brands, Mender’s own design team prepares four collections per year, which are presented to its clients. Mender’s capacity is 10,000 units per month, all of which is produced within its own factory.

We have made up a principle of using the latest manufacturing technologies and following up the processes constantly in order to capture the best quality in the most cost-effective to ensure continuous customer satisfaction. In this respect we have established a quality system in support of continuous auditing and training, primarily to protect the existing quality and to better continuously with the participation of our employees.

The vision we’ve adopted as Ensari Group, is to ensure continuous customer satisfaction by targeting the quality in all the processes, Our mission is to protect the existing customer portfolio 20 years later, as well as to increase our production capacity and market share at home and abroad, to strengthen our products and our brand Medusa and protect our competitive position.

Onspell Leather produces:

  •  Cavallino
  •  Kangroo
  •  Turkish Domestic Merino and Tascano
  •  Spanis Merino and Toscano